My Dental Grows Patient Relationships Using New Phone System, Weave!

What does this mean for our patients? My Dental will be able to maximize and grow our relationships with our patients using this new system. This will help us improve our customer response time as well as implementing a new text messaging platform.


Text messaging

People are busy. Their schedules change and they are always on the go. We want to better serve our patients with quick text messaging. We’ll admit it, people don’t necessarily like to talk on the phone like they used to, or they are busy in a meeting, but they just remembered they needed to re-schedule that appointment. No worries! My Dental is making it easier than ever for you to keep in touch all via text. “Today, texting has replaced phone calls as the preferred method of communication for the bulk of our short conversations, and it’s not just for millennials, either,” said Weave. Now you can schedule with us, ask questions, receive appointment reminders and much more all at the palm of your hand.


Response time

Now, with text messaging we can respond to our patients even faster. Our new Weave system is linked to each of our computers in each of our office locations. As soon as you reach out we are notified and are ready to get back to you on the spot. Once you message us we also have an internal messaging system in our office to communicate with other My Dental staff. If you have a question for a specific team member we are able to get ahold of them right away.



Reviews are changing the way customers shop and make decisions. Want to tell the world about your experience at My Dental? Now you can even faster than before. We can send you a quick link via text and you can review us right after you leave your appointment. We will now have a quicker way respond to your reviews to gain even more feedback from our patients using Weave.


Pulls and surveys

We can now get your feedback for a better customer experience. We will want to hear from patients how their service was and the care they received using surveys. We will have patients rate their experience and say whether they’d recommend My Dental to a friend.

Weave will give us all the tools we need to provide the best customer experience possible all while ensuring you never miss an opportunity to schedule an appointment or even chat with us about your day. We are always here to help! We strive to stay up to date with the latest technology and techniques. Using this new Weave system will help make sure our patients always feel heard and welcomed by the My Dental family. Implementing this new Weave program will help us connect with our patients and provide customer care beyond what we’ve had before. Let’s get connected!

Alyssa Darby