Veteran Smile Makeover Giveaway


Mesa, Arizona has four extra reasons to smile today, thanks to My Dental. Every year, the dental office/dental assisting school selects one lucky person to receive a complete smile makeover. But this year, they wanted to honor our veterans. And just last week they selected four US Veterans to receive a free smile makeover!

The giveaway was announced on August 30th and indicated that there would only be one winner to be selected on September 14th. After receiving over 100 entrants to the giveaway, and reading the touching stories behind each nominated veteran, My Dental could not pick just one winner.


What is a Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a complete smile transformation. The gallery of before and after photos show what a difference a brand new smile can make in a person’s life. Dr. Fulcher, the lead dentist at My Dental describes the transformation:

“We restore a patient’s mouth to full function. We completely change their smile and their life.”


Meet the Veterans


Shawn C., United States Army

Shawn was nominated multiple times. He is a loving husband, a father of five children, and he always puts others before himself. His wife shared:

“I just wish he could visually see himself as everyone else sees him. But all he sees are his crooked and missing teeth. I could not think of anyone who better deserves this honor than my husband.”

Chris R., United States Army

Chris’s wife, Shalena, nominated him to because he honorably served his country and he still serves his community as a baseball coach. Several kids who have been coached by Chris have received college scholarships to play. Shelena, his wife, had this to say about Chris:

“Chris had the most beautiful smile but is needing work to restore it. Right now he is not working and when he comes home from interviews he is depressed because he feels it’s his smile why he didn’t get the job. This is my chance to go all out for him. I’d love to see him smile again.”


John W. “Woody”, United States National Guard

It has been almost 12 years since Woody became a below-the-knee amputee. The medicine prescribed to treat Woody’s nerve damage has eroded his teeth and his self-esteem. Woody shared his hesitation to apply for this giveaway:

“I hate the idea of asking for something for myself because my nature has always been to do for my family...but, the idea of this...could/would change my life!”

Darrel P., United States Navy

6 months ago, Darrel was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He has spent weeks in the hospital and traveled to countless doctor appointments. Carolyn, Darrel’s wife, shared the following:

“Darrel hardly has any teeth left. The dental implants he did have fell out and it is hard for him to eat. I know this would give him a boost mentally plus helping him to eat better which is very important right now.”


Share and Support

Join us on this journey as we follow each veteran during their smile makeover transformation. We are so excited to share this journey with you and show the complete smile transformation each one of these deserving veterans are going to received.
We will share behind-the-scenes, interviews, and a before and after reveal. Share this story to support these veterans.