About My Dental

During Dr. Fulcher's 10 years of running his dental practice, he noticed the difficulties that many dental assistants faced. He saw how hard it was for dental assistants to transition from school and into a clinical setting. Dr. Fulcher's extensive background in teaching made him the perfect person to create a learning environment that made it easy for aspiring dental assistants to get the education they needed while gaining work experience. 

My Dental Dentistry & Education is a fast-paced, fun learning environment where dental assisting students can take advantage of our flexible schedule, affordable tuition, and a great curriculum that fully prepares them for a career in dental assisting. 

The state-of-the-art dental assisting campus includes a large and comfortable classroom along with a clinical learning space, fully equipped lab, and functioning dental rooms where our students assist chair-side during live procedures on patients. Rather than utilizing a functioning dental office during off hours, our school was built with the sole purpose of educating students in a specialized, interactive environment.