My Dental is a full-service dental practice whose team is committed to fostering sincere trust and genuine relationships with each and every patient. We’re now proud to offer My Dental Benefits, an exclusive membership program that combines significant savings with preferred access to our top-rated dentistry.

Annual Membership Fees

Primary Household Member

Additional Household Member*

Additional Household Members (After Two)*

For example: A household of five would have a membership fee of $785/year and a savings of over $2500!

The Benefits

Access to any of our Valley locations

ALL X-Rays and Exams for the entire year*

Two cleanings per year**

Reduced fees for all treatment needs***

No waiting periods

No exclusions for pre-existing conditions

No maximums in coverage

No deductibles

Access to our MDB Warranty

Ability to enroll additional family members into MDB at a reduced fee– $197 for the second family member and $97 for each additional family member****

Ready to start saving?

Please note:

* 3D cone beam images, such as for implants, would be covered at the MDB Fee Schedule.
** Periodontal therapy is covered at the MDB Fee Schedule and the first 2 periodontal maintenances would be a covered benefit.
*** Payment for treatment will be due in full at the time of service. All procedures and prices are subject to exams and specific diagnoses which may adjust fees. Fees are subject to change at any time.
**** All Household Members must have the same address as the Primary Household Member.