What are Dentures?


To restore the look and function of your teeth, dentists take measurements of your mouth to fit you for dentures. Dentures are an affordable option for replacing your teeth and helping restore your smile in Mesa and Gilbert, AZ.

Types of Dentures

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Dentures FAQ

While dental implants require multiple visits to the dentist for the next year, dentures only take a few weeks to be fitted and created. Dentures are also the most affordable option for restoring your smile. So in just a few weeks, you can restore the smile you had lost.

To take care of your dentures, make sure to rinse them with water after very meal. Brush your dentures at least daily to remove any food or or plaque in the dentures. Make sure to remove your dentures before you sleep and soak your dentures overnight in water to avoid any bacterial infection. Finally, always schedule regular dental checkups so your dentist can examine and clean your dentures.

Dentures can last upwards to about a decade. So while not a pernament solution, dentures are still one of the most afforable and quickest options for teeth replacement.

Once you have adjusted yourself to the dentures, you will be able to eat about any food with no issues. However, it is important to discuss with your dentist what foods to avoid to not damage your dentures.

Give us a call today for a quote on what it would take to restore your smile. At My Dental Dentistry & Implants, we make sure you can focus on your smile and not the bill at the end. We are affordable while we maintain levels of incredible care.

It takes about a month to become used to the dentures. After that one month period, your dentures will feel natural and you will be able to eat much more comfortably.