I told [Dr. Fulcher], I don’t have a lot of money. And I told him I’d be interested in the cheaper one. After we made the decision on which way to go, he said “You know, if you were my Dad, I would have told you to choose that one too.” He’s a very honest person. The pricing was really reasonable and was really satisfied with the service and personel.

Ken is from Minnesota and spends winters in Arizona. He needed some dental work completed, but wasn’t comfortable spending a lot of money because he is in the latter part of his life. Dr. Fulcher helped him find a dental care option that was perfect for his situation. Ken usually feels quite nervous in dental clinics, but his experience at My Dental Dentistry & Implants was comforting and he found the staff to be very helpful. If you’re looking for an affordable and positive dental clinic,My Dental Dentistry Implants in Arizona can help you.