Great dental hygiene starts young and lasts a lifetime! So, when is it a great time to schedule your child’s first dental appointment?

Your Child’s First Appointment

The best time to schedule your child’s first dental appointment is within 6 months of his or her first tooth erupting. On your child’s first appointment, you can expect our dentists to look at each erupted tooth in-depth to check the formation quality, shape, and placement. Next, we will look at your child’s bite to see how the teeth fit together. Any problems that are identified early can be closely watched and possibly corrected as more teeth form and your child grows.

Visit Early and Often

As your child grows older, early and regular dental appointments will prevent dental anxieties and fears. If parents wait several years before their child’s first appointment, not only will the child’s chance of having multiple cavities increase, but he or she might be afraid of the dentist.

Raising your child with regular appointments to the dentist starting as early as six months old will help ease your child into the dental chair.

Schedule An Appointment Today

Is your child ready for their first dental appointment? Schedule one today with My Dental Dentistry and Implants. If you have any questions leading up to the appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re excited to meet your child!