Dr. Hentges is a very easy going guy. He just talked like a normal person and didn’t putting all of the doctor-terms; really, really explaining things. Which is important when you have to have a lot of work done on your teeth. And he was not rushing anything. For someone to not say “Hey, lets jump into this and spend all this money,” was very important. I would totally recommend anyone coming here. It’s been the best experience.


Becky is from Mesa, Arizona and went to My Dental Dentistry Implants to get some dental work completed. Becky was impressed with how well the dentists explained her options and how the procedures would take place. She also comments on how they really care for you; even calling you to check up on you after your appointment. If you’re looking for a better experience the next time you head to the dentist, choose My Dental Dentistry & Implants in Mesa, Arizona!