You save plenty of money. I was able to pay cash for what I had done here, which I would have had to pay interest on a credit card if I would’ve went somewhere else—and they do what you want. They don’t try to make you buy more than what you want. I said, “I can only afford partials,” and they said “Fine.” There was no trying to push you into buying more than you could afford.

Cathy recommended My Dental Dentistry and Implants to her mother, who lives in Canada. In Canada, her mother was expecting to pay $15,000 for her dentures! Cathy excitedly told her that My Dental Dentistry and Implants in Mesa Arizona could build her same-day dentures for a mere fraction of the price in Canada. So, Cathy flew her 81 year-old mother down and had dentures made at My Dental Dentistry and Implants in Mesa Arizona.