My Dental Dentistry Implants does not do traditional in-house teeth whitening, but they have fantastic whitening kits to send you home with.

Teeth Whitening Process

The first step to whiter teeth is to take your mouth’s impression to create unique whitening trays. These trays are form-fitting to your teeth and will fit perfectly.
Next, we will prescribe a whitening gel like Venus White Pro Gel (at 22% Carbamine Peroxide strength) to squish into the whitening trays at home. You can either wear the trays for an hour during the day or wear them at night for up to eight hours. The gel itself has a minty flavor and contains potassium nitrate to reduce the sensitivity associated with bleaching your teeth.

After you’ve bleached your teeth, you’ll need to avoid teeth-staining foods like tomato sauce, coffee, raspberries, strawberries, and other foods. After whitening your teeth, you’ll notice your smile is radiant and super white.

Ready for Whiter Teeth?

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