During these past few months through the Covid-19 pandemic, My Dental Dentistry Implants have been taking special precautions to prevent Covid-19 spreading within the office. We’re still open during the day and for emergencies. Here’s a few of the changes we’ve made to make our office safer.


Each room, chair, and table is sanitized thoroughly with hospital-grade sanitizing materials before the patient sits down. Our hand pieces have been sterilized and many items are disposed of after its use on a patient. In the front office, the pens we have for paperwork are sanitized and our employees keep the front as sanitized as possible.

Social Distancing

Waiting in the socially distanced waiting room is optional. Many patients wait in their car until our dentists are ready to see them. This not only limits time in the office, but it also limits contact. It is up to the patient though, patients can still wait in the waiting room 6ft apart from each other.


Each of our employees are required to wear a mask or face shield to limit Covid-19 exposure and transmission. We also ask that our patients and visitors wear masks in the waiting room and throughout the office, but of course you can take your mask off when we work on your teeth.

Taking Temperatures

We’re taking the temperature of every patient, employee, and visitor that enters our building. If they’re running a temperature, they won’t be permitted to enter the building.

Quarantine Policy

If any of our doctors, assistants, or employees contract Covid-19, all those who were in contact with that employee will be tested. If they test positive, they will quarantine away from the office for 14 days.

Schedule an Appointment

If it’s been a while since you’ve been in to see the dentist, you can schedule an appointment today! We’re doing our best to prevent the spread of illness and still perform dental procedures. If you have any tooth pain, don’t hesitate to come in for an emergency appointment. We look forward to seeing you!