We get a lot of questions about Waterpiks and their role in your oral health. There are varying opinions out there about their effectiveness, so we’re here to answer whether or not you can put your traditional floss away in favor of the Waterpik.

Waterpiks were designed to spray a condensed, high-pressure water stream to help remove food and other buildup on teeth, and for the most part, they do a good job at removing food. However, Waterpiks aren’t always effective at removing plaque, which is the sticky substance on and between your teeth where bacteria gather. The bacteria in plaque cause tooth decay and gum disease if they are not removed regularly.

The most effective way to remove plaque from your teeth is to floss– the trusty, tried and true method! Traditional floss can reach those areas that even a Waterpik can’t. This is especially important for your gums.

You can use your Waterpik, it does have a lot of good benefits, but it is never going to replace flossing and getting in there and actually removing that plaque away from your teeth. It’s not an out, you’ve gotta keep flossing.

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