My Dental Dentistry Implants is in-network with most PPO dental plans, (Delta, Humana, etc.) but if you would like to check with us before you schedule your appointment, please call us.

Do I Need Dental Insurance?
You don’t need dental insurance to get an appointment or receive treatment, but dental insurance is a great way to subsidize the cost of your dental work. Depending on your coverage, you can have your dental work at least partially taken care of by insurance.

Should I Invest in Dental Insurance?
You will need to weigh your dental risk with the insurance premiums, deductibles, annual maximums, and the overall plan. If you’re at high-risk for cavities and abscesses in addition to needing yearly x-rays and cleanings, insurance might be a great way to reduce your total costs. To keep your dental risk low, continue to brush and floss everyday, and schedule regular cleanings and check-ups.

What other payment options does My Dental offer?
My Dental Dentistry and Implants also offers a benefits program that can save you thousands of dollars, like insurance. If you’re a member of the benefits program, not only do you get free x-rays, cleanings, and more throughout the entire year, but you also get to take advantage of reduced fees, plus an additional 10% off. If you don’t have traditional dental insurance, you’ll save a similar amount, if not more, by being a My Dental Dentistry and Implants benefit program member. If you’d like to read more about the benefits program, you can visit the page with the button below.

My Dental Dentistry and Implants’ Pricing
Our prices already range from 42% to 85% off of other dental clinics. It’s incredible how much our patients save! If you’re curious what a specific procedure would cost, don’t hesitate to call us. We’d love to see how much money we could save you.

New Patient Special
Come try us out! For just $50, you can come in for as many exams and x-rays as you want for an entire year! If we diagnose any cavities or other problems in our exam, you still get to take advantage of the great savings we already offer at My Dental Dentistry and Implants.

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Whether you have dental insurance, are part of our benefit program, or are just a walk-in appointment, My Dental Dentistry and Implants will save you money with every procedure and on every visit.