Ten years ago, three implants cost me $20,000, where now, I got 5 of them for a third of that. And [My Dental Dentistry & Implants] did an awesome job.

Brian has had dentures and implants for a number of years now. Each time he goes to the dentist, it takes the dentist multiple visits to correct the fit of his implants and dentures. Looking for a change, he went to My Dental Dentistry Implants. My Dental Dentistry Implants were able to correct the fit the first time and in only one visit. Brian couldn’t believe the difference. Not only was the fit perfect, but he was able to sing in his band again without his upper denture falling down. If it’s time to purchase some better fitting dentures, My Dental Dentistry Implants will make you the best set you’ve ever had at an affordable price.