When I first came here, I was a little afraid because the last dentist had given me a huge price on what I wanted to get done. When I came here, he came up with the same idea I had to rebuild my teeth and he came up with a price that was absolutely fantastic. It was roughly a third of what the original dentist had said it would take to do it.


Christopher owns a custom bike shop in Mesa, Arizona. Christopher was embarrassed about his mouth’s appearance, but couldn’t afford the treatment he needed. Once he had found My Dental Dentistry Implants, Dr. Fulcher quoted a price that was a mere fraction of what Christopher’s original dentist quoted. Within three weeks, My Dental Dentistry Implants transformed Christopher’s mouth. He’s excited to feel confident in sales and to smile more. If you’re looking for life-changing dental work that won’t break the bank, give My Dental Dentistry Implants in Mesa, Arizona a try.