You save plenty of money. I was able to pay cash for what I had done here, which I would have had to pay interest on a credit card if I would’ve went somewhere else—and they do what you want. They don’t try to make you buy more than what you want. I said, “I can only afford partials,” and they said “Fine.” There was no trying to push you into buying more than you could afford.

Deloris has already recommended My Dental Dentistry & Implants to a few of her friends because of the affordability and quality of care. Deloris was so grateful that Dr. Fulcher didn’t try to talk her into a more expensive option when she already knew she just wanted partials. Through choosing My Dental Dentistry & Implants, Deloris was able to save $2940. With her savings, she’s going to go visit her sister in Wisconsin; her home state she hasn’t seen in 46 years.