Dental Implants and Dentures are the most common options to fill in those gaps in your smile. But how do you decide which to choose? Dentures are false teeth that come in a variety of options. At My Dental, we make sure to pair you with the right ones that’ll have everyone thinking they’re your real, natural teeth. Some dentures are permanent, while others are easily removable. We ensure a perfect fit by taking impressions and tending to your mouth’s natural bite. Dental implants are permanent and are a great solution for missing teeth if your gums and jaw are strong and healthy. Implants are most common among patients who have only a few missing teeth, but can be a benefit to those with several gaps. At My Dental you can rest easy knowing that we always put our patients first and do everything we can to make sure your smile shines.

What types of dentures does My Dental offer?

Traditional/Full : a full set of dentures to replace both upper and lower sets of teeth.

Partial : attached to your existing teeth, a partial is removable and keeps the surrounding teeth in place.

Custom : custom dentures are made specifically for your mouth to match your smile.

Snap-in : with the help from existing teeth and dental structures, these dentures snap into place for a beautiful smile.

For more information, visit one of My Dental’s Doc Talks. Each month, Dr. Fulcher and other My Dental dentists host a breakfast where you can attend and speak directly to our team about your smile. Each patient has a story behind their smile and we want to hear yours! Attend our Doc Talk and win FREE x-rays and exams for an entire year, and you’ll be entered to win a FREE dental implant placement (valued at $1,800). Call our office now to RSVP.

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