Charcoal is in everything these days! Lip balm, lotions, bath bombs, food, and even toothpaste! While active Charcoal has worked as an antifungal, antibacterial, and detoxing agent, is including it in toothpaste necessary? Can charcoal whiten your teeth? We asked Dr. Fulcher at My Dental if charcoal is an option for tooth whitening and he said,

““Basically, the charcoal just cleans your teeth.The only thing that will whiten your teeth is something with a form of peroxide with a bleaching agent.” ”


The Journal of the American Dental Association states that more wide-spread studies need to take place before settling on a stance on charcoal tooth products, but they advise to be cautious when selecting charcoal-based products as they have not proven their safety or efficiency.

Some studies have concluded that the abrasive nature of active charcoal actually scrubs away your enamel to reveal your tooth’s next layer: dentin. The revealed dentin is not as strong as the enamel, which increases your chances of tooth sensitivity and future cavities.

White teeth are a popular look, but tooth enamel actually ranges in color from off-white to yellow depending on genetics, diet, and individual tooth composition. While there are a lot of reasons to have a whiter grin, talking with your dentist about your whitening options is your safest and best bet.

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If you’re looking for better whitening options, feel free to ask us about our whitening gels! The gels have a much better whitening effect than toothpastes and are very affordable. You can either ask us about whitening options at your next appointment, or you can schedule one with us soon!