I was in the middle of getting my implant started with another dentist and I about fell out of the couch when I heard what [Dr. Fulcher’s] cost was. I called up and made an immediate appointment and came down the next day for an evaluation.


Doug saved $6,200 by choosing My Dental. He was beginning his dental care journey at another clinic, but after hearing about My Dental Dentistry Implant’s affordable prices, he immediately booked an appointment. Doug was shocked that Dr. Fulcher does on average around 20-30 implants; which is incredible for the field. Doug even checked with his friend’s dentist in Mexico, and Dr. Fulcher’s prices were still lower! Once he met Dr. Fulcher, Doug was taken back with how knowledgeable and professional he was. Doug calls himself a “walking advertisement for My Dental Dentistry & Implants” and is proud of it. He highly recommends My Dental Dentistry Implants and Dr. Fulcher himself.