The new smile means so much for me moving forward. It’s an opportunity to go back into the sales’ field that I was in and be successful because my confidence is there. So, moving forward, it changes everything. It’s one of those things that people may take for granted, and those of us that don’t and when we get one, man, we’re never going to stop smiling.

Patrick lives in Buckeye, Arizona with his wife and five children. He served in the army right after high school to carry on a family tradition of serving. Patrick found the “Veteran Smile Makeover Giveaway” online and applied. Patrick was born with a cleft palette and had stopped going to the dentist for nearly 30 years. Dr. Fulcher chose to restore 4 veteran’s smiles, and this included Patrick. His daughter and rest of his family love his new smile! Patrick’s excited to dive back into the sales’ field with more confidence than ever before.