[Dr. Fulcher] made a couple price listings and it was perfect. Totally perfect. My smile is everything. With the money I saved here from My Dental, I’m going to take my kids to Disneyland.

Steven is a single-parent that understands how expensive it is to raise children. He has always put his children and family first, so Steven hadn’t been to a dentist since high school. Now that he was 46, he was worried about having missing teeth in the front of his smile, since his smile is everything to him. Steven was concerned that he couldn’t afford the dental work he needed, but Dr. Fulcher gave him My Dental Dentistry & Implant’s price sheet. After looking over the price sheet, Steven was surprised that he could afford the care he needed. With the $4600 that Steven saved at My Dental Dentistry Implants, he plans to take his children to Disneyland.